Edward Burke, Jr. & Associates is located in the center of historic Main Street, Sag Harbor. We specialize in criminal, negligence and real estate law. Please view our “Areas of Practice” page to learn more.

Edward D. Burke, Jr. entered the private law practice in 2005 when he opened Edward Burke, Jr. & Associates, LLC, which specializes in criminal defense, negligence, real estate and zoning law. During his time in private practice Edward D. Burke, Jr. has been involved in high profile cases as well as several high verdict negligence cases.

Like most people faced with seeking legal representation, you are probably searching for an attorney with expert legal knowledge. But you probably also realize that expert legal knowledge isn’t enough. Knowledge does little to quickly improve your chances for a favorable outcome unless it is also accompanied by a philosophy to pursue your objectives in an extraordinary way.

Our philosophy is two-fold: First, provide an aggressive legal representation that includes attention to detail, focusing on the strengths of your case, and exploiting the weaknesses in the other party’s or prosecutor’s case.

We have been involved in high profile cases as well as several high verdict negligence cases that have been the topic of articles and discussions in national media ranging from The New York Times and Vanity Fair to Court TV News and the Sag Harbor Express. Please contact us for references. 

Edward Burke, Jr. & Associates, has been a consistent contributor to nonprofit organizations and educational institutions in this area. We help people improve the quality of life for themselves and others. Our commitment requires that we go beyond simple checkbook philanthropy. We are working hand-in-hand with public and nonprofit organizations to address specific problems.